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The Bueno, entonces… learn Spanish blog moved!


You’ve reached our OLD blog.

Visit the NEW – Bueno, entonces… blog where you can find more resources that can help you learn Spanish.

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Nos vemos!

Posted by: buenoentonces | July 2, 2009

Another Funny Commercial!

Here’s another funny one from Argentina:

Posted by: buenoentonces | June 26, 2009

Funny Song

This is pretty funny…

Posted by: buenoentonces | June 26, 2009

Gringos in BA?!

Are you a gringo/yankee in Buenos Aires with beginner/intermediate level Spanish? Interested in a focus test for Bueno, entonces…? Give us an hour and make it up to you 😉

Posted by: buenoentonces | June 20, 2009

Bob Dylan in Spanish

This is a really cool video. For those of you who like Bob Dylan….its the Hurricane video with both Spanish and English Subtitles.

Cool huh??

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Here is some  from Fechu

magoThis is the second time I have had to operate on a magician from the circus.

terapiaI recently saw a couple that I don’t think there is a solution.
Why do you say that?
They come to therapy with their lawyers.

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Shakira in English and Spanish

Here is another two from Shakira. This is cool, she is singing in English but there are Spanish subtitles already on the video…

Posted by: buenoentonces | June 11, 2009

Some Funny Argentine Comercials

Doritos in Argentina is running a new campain….Lleguemos a la segunda salida which means, lets get to the second date. The advertisements have been really funny so we thought that we would share some of them and translate them for you. Enjoy!

“The Call”

Boy: Answer it, answer it, no worries
Girl: Hello
Mom: Hi daughter, everything going ok?
Girl: Yea
Mom: tell me, did you take your coat with you?
Girl: Of course
Mom: Any problems with the car?
Girl: Zero
Mom: Great, just knock on my door when you come home.
Girl: Great, kisses
Mom: Bye!

“The call according to the poor guy”
Girl: Hello
Sexy Man: You’re with an idiot right?
Sexy Man: He’s got a horrible mole on his face, no?
Girl: Of course
Sexy Man: From one to five, what would you give him?
Girl: zero
Sexy Man: I have six lockers here and all have a prize (referring to his abs)
Girl: Great, kisses

Boy: umm….I have to go

Then the caption reads…Don’t answer!

Now this one needs a little explaining. Before watching  you should know about telo’s. Telo’s are hotels in Argentina that are rented out by the hour…you might even call them sex hotels. It may seem a bit sleazy but they are very popular here, especially because a lot of people live at home until they get married. So with that in mind, check out the next one.

Man: Lets go somewhere more comfortable.
Woman: Great, lets go.

Man: Lets go somewhere…where we can take off our shoes.
Woman: Great, lets go.

Man: Lets go somwhere more intimate.
Woman: Great, lets go.

Man: Lets go somewhere more relaxing.

And the caption reads: “Say Telo!”

Fun right?? Where you able to understand without reading the translations a little bit?? Argentina is full of fun commercials! We’ll post more later!

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Bob Marley anyone?

so we found some Bob Marley songs with Spanish subtitles! pretty cool….

It’s kinda hard to sing along with the Spanish Lyrics because they don’t really fit the music…but definitely a cool exercise!

Posted by: buenoentonces | June 6, 2009

Cheeeeeezy Jokes

Están tres náufragos solos en una isla desierta y se encuentran una lámpara maravillosa. El genio les dice que les va a conceder un deseo a cada uno.
El primero dice: Deseo irme con mi familia y amigos.
Y se lo concede.
El segundo dice: Deseo irme con mi familia y amigos.
Y se le concede.
El tercero, al ver que se había quedado solo dice: Deseo que mis amigos regresen.

There are three men shipwrecked on a deserted island and they find a magic lamp. A genie appears and tells them that he will grant one wish to each of them.
The first one says: I want to be with my family and friends
The genie grants it.
The second says: I want to be with my family and friends.
The genie grants it.
The third, on seeing that he had been left alone says: I want my friends to return.


En el consultorio el doctor le dice al marido:
Lo siento señor, pero a su esposa sólo le queda una hora de vida.
A lo que el señor responde:
No se preocupe doctor, ya la he aguantado ocho años…me puedo esperar otro ratito.

In the consultation room the doctor says to a husband:
I’m sorry Mr, but your wife only has one hour to live
The man replied:
Don’t worry doctor, I have been able to take her for 8 years…I can wait a little longer.

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